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  • Where does your fish come from?
    We get the majority of our Walleye/Pickerel & Yellow Perch from our local fishermen in Lake Erie. We also source Walleye/Pickerel & Whitefish from some of the other Great Lakes, and various lakes in Manitoba. Our European products such as Zander/Pike Perch and Euro Perch are from European suppliers. Our Rainbow Trout is sourced from Odawa Island Farms, an open water aquaculture site located at the Sheshegwaning First Nation reserve.
  • How do we protect the populations of Freshwater Fish that we harvest?
    Lake Erie is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, an international nonprofit on a mission to end overfishing and ensure seafood is sustainably caught. Every harvest is checked by the ministry natural resources for catch and catch effort (how many nets are set). Quotas are in place to ensure the supply of the lake is here for years to come and are reviewed and modified each year.
  • What is the Instant Ice Program?
    Our fishermen bring totes of ice out on the lake with them to ensure our catch is as fresh as possible for the customer. The warmest our fish ever gets is the temperature of the water.
  • Where can you find JOF fish?
    We sell primarily to wholesale food distributors who provide products to restaurants and grocers. Unfortunately we do not have a retail store at our plant, so we do not sell fish to the general public. In saying that, our fish can be found at many local spots such as markets like Morton Foodservice, Leamington Food Outlet, Grape Lakes Farm and Vineyard, as well as Dutch House Farm Store. We also can be found at a variety of local restaurants such as Vito's Pizzeria, Kildare House in Windsor, Freddy's in Leamington & O'Sarracino in Kingsville.
  • What Standard is our Production Plant held up to?
    Our production plant is regularly audited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, as well as third-party certifications such as BAP to ensure we are practicing high quality standards. We have a quality manager that regulary checks products leaving our production facility and inspects all incoming products from other sources.
  • Why do you vacuum pack fillets?
    Vacuum packing fillets prolongs shelf life by removing oxygen in contact with the product. This process enhances food preservation to maximize quality of the product. Our vacuum-packed fillets are going to bring more freshness, are less likely to be freezer-burnt and also are much easier to thaw in water for cooking.
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