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JOF Employee Wins Editorial Photography Award

Adrian Resendes, former fish production employee at John O's Foods, studied photography at Sheridan College. For his final project, he created an editorial photography booklet titled, "Fish Town"to commemorate his hometown and the industry that drives it, freshwater fishing. He was awarded the READERS DIGEST FOUNDATIONS OF CANADA AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY:

Adrian writes:

"Fish Town is my love letter to my hometown and the industry that is the life blood of this place. Wheatley Ontario is a quaint fishing town on the shores of Lake Erie that is home to extremely resilient and hardworking people who have had an immense impact on my life in countless ways. Wheatley and its fishing industry have taught me discipline, work ethic and empathy throughout my years of growing up and while working as a fish processor. Wheatley's symbiotic relationship to nature and Lake Erie is something that is increasingly rare to see and should be greatly cherished."

A link to more photos taken for Fish Town:



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